Publish Open Access With LUMEN! Celebrating OPEN ACCESS WEEK 2019

Globally, since 2011, every last week of October, the International Open Access Week is celebrated. The event is originated in the actions carried out since 2007 by Students for Free Culture and Alliance for Taxpayer Access, from the USA, in the event “National Day of Action for Open Access”. The theme for 2019 is “Open for Whom? Equity in Open Knowledge” (

LUMEN welcomes the international efforts of the open access system, and joins the celebration of the open access week, participating day by day in shaping a system of dissemination of knowledge which aims to be transparent, accessible, but also fair from the perspective of participating in the research communication

LUMEN has developed an editorial tradition over more than 18 years, supporting the dissemination of knowledge both by publishing books, scientific journals, but also by organizing international scientific conferences.

All LUMEN Publishing’s journals are published Gold Open Access.

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In the LUMEN International Open Access Week 2019 we invite you to benefit from our extraordinary editorial offers:

For the oral presentation at the 3rd LUMEN EDU 2019 conference, the journals available for publication are: Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education (WoS, Clarivate Analytics), Moldavian Journal for Education and Social Psychology, Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Social Sciences.

For the oral presentation at the 13th LUMEN CATES2019 conference, the available journals for publication are: Postmodern Openings (WoS, Clarivate Analytics), Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Social Sciences, Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences, Eastern-European Journal of Medical Humanities and Bioethics, Journal for Social Media Inquiry.

* The discount applied to the publication will be validated by the attendance in person, at the event, of at least the presenting author of the submitted paper.

  • Apply as guest editor for a special issue in one of the LUMEN journals and you will benefit from the complete reduction of the publication fee a maximum of one article proposed for evaluation, as an author.

The discount is applicable if the guest editor accumulates a number of 15 articles for the special coordinated issue. The peer-review evaluation of the articles proposed in the special issue will be carried out by the reviewers appointed and coordinated by the guest editor, and the accepted papers will be subsequently submitted for evaluation by a journal reviewer. Send us your proposal as quest editor together with an updated CV and a cover letter at

  • Do you like to read and express your opinion about the book just read ?! We publish your review for free in one of the LUMEN journals.

In any of the LUMEN journals, you can propose for publication a review of a volume, only if it has been previously presented in the dedicated section of the 13th LUMEN CATES2019 and 3rd LUMEN EDU 2019 International Conferences. To register your review in one of the LUMEN conferences, let us know your intention and send us a summary of the volume you want to review at The publication will be possible only after the peer-review process.

For 18 years now, LUMEN supports research dissemination through editorial excellence!