Aims & Topics |

This event is developed by LUMEN Research Center in Social Humanistic Sciences, LUMEN Publishing House and LUMEN Conference Center, in collaboration with this edition co-organizers.

We look forward to receiving proposals in relation with the bellow mentioned topics, without a clearly defined boundary:

Educational policies
• Trends and good practices in contemporary education (at preschool, school, university and postgraduate level)
• Paradigms of contemporary education
• Quality assurance in education
• Educational management
• Reform, change and innovation in education
• Formal, non-formal and informal education in the context of contemporary educational policies and practices
• Self-education and permanent education
• Sport in the 3rd millennium

Initial and Continuing Teacher Training
• Professionalization of the teaching career
• Training of trainers

Psychology of Education
• Psychopedagogy of ages
• Educating children with special educational needs
• Education of gifted children
• School learning
• Experential learning
• Psycho-pedagogical knowledge of the pupil/child

Counseling Theories and Practices in Education
• Educational counseling
• Vocational / professional / career counseling
• Psycho-pedagogical counseling
• Counseling for personal development
• Psychosocial counseling
• Counseling and psychological assistance in sport and Kinetotherapy

Fields of Pedagogy
• General Pedagogy / Fundamentals of Pedagogy / General Theory of Education
• Theory and methodology of training / General didactics
• Curriculum Theory and Methodology
• Theory and Methodology of Pedagogical Research
• Sociology of education (Social pedagogy, Family pedagogy, Labor pedagogy, Media pedagogy, etc.)
• Pedagogy of Art
• Philosophical Pedagogy (Philosophy of Education)
• Anthropological pedagogy

Specialized Didactics
• Didactics of the discipline
• Didactics of curricular area
• Physical education pedagogy
• Sport pedagogy
• The new education

E-Learning and Software in Education
• Distance learning
• e-Learning technologies
• Projects and e-Learning experiences
• e-Tutoring & Mentoring
• e-Learning for sustainable development

Ethics Education
• Research ethics
• Educational institution ethics
• Ethics Education for Children
• Ethics Education for teachers
• Bioethics Principles
• Schools’ Ethical Issues
• Ethics Case Studies

Preschool Education
• preschool education system
• preschool education professionals
• preschool education institutions
• preschool education resources for literacy
• Economic returns of investments in preschool education
• preschool education programs

Postmodern education
• Education through art/ Arts-Based Inquiries and Teacher Development
• Sexuality education
• The postmodern educator
• Challenges of Postmodern Institutionalisation for Education
• Analysis of platforms postmodern education
• Digital technology
• Education phenomenon in postmodern institution
• Early childhood teacher & education postmodern practices
• Philosophy of education – postmodern doubt
• Open study postmodern education

Health Education
• Public Health Education
• Health education and Lifestyle
• Medical education
• Health education Research
• Health education and health promotion
• Health Education Strategies
• Health Behaviors
• Social Determinants and Health Behaviors

Sports and Physical Education
• Sports psychology
• Sociology of sport
• The philosophy of sport
• Sports and pedagogy
• Sports and teacher training
• Sports and teaching methods
• Ethics in sports games
• Good management and organization practices in sports
• Olympism and excellence in sports
• Community sports
• Health and Sports
• Cultures and sports identities
• Sports and education
• Sports and psychology
• Sport management and marketing
• Physical education and sports education
• Psychosocial domains in sports
• Sports for people with disabilities
• Sports engineering
• Sports equipment and technologies
• Sports regulations and policies
• Sport Reform and Innovation.

Postgraduate Education
• Postgraduate academic education
• Vocational degrees
• Professional programs
• Funding in Postgraduate Education
• Postgraduate Education Funding
• Postgraduate Education Systems
• Master’s Degree Program case studies
• Doctorate (PhD) Program case studies

Counseling in Psychotherapy
• Psychotherapy technics
• Counseling methods

Mentoring and Coaching
• Coaching in Teacher Training
• Mentoring in Teacher Training
• Didactic Coaching
• Personal Coaching
• Differences and similarities between mentoring and coaching in education – case studies
• Sample mentoring and coaching plan for teachers in education
• Benefits of mentoring and coaching in education- case studies

Teachers Education
• Teachers education requirements
• Standards of teaching and teacher education
• Programme, training, policy and procedures to prepare prospective teachers
• Effects in the behavior of trained teachers
• Enabling the would-be teachers

Early Child Education/ Nursery Education
• Formal Early Child Education from birth up to the age of eight
• Informal Early Child Education from birth up to the age of eight
• Theories of child development
• Practical implications of early childhood education
• International agreements – analysis
• Curricula in early childhood care and education
• Barriers and challenges in Nursery Education
• Orphan education
• Notable early childhood educators

Self Help Education
• Self Management
• Self Help techniques
• Self Help strategies
• self care practices for mental health
• Self-help & personal development
• Self Help and Life Improvement

Media in Education
• Role of Media in Education System
• Opinion Formers
• Influencers and impact on education
• Advantages and Disadvantages of mass media in educational process

Education Statistics
• Education and training statistics
• Participation of individuals in education and training activities
• Education financing and teaching staff
• Outcomes of education
• Literacy analysis and data
• Functional illiteracy
• Studies on the school dropout rate
• Graduate rates in national and international educational systems
• Absorption of graduates on the labor market

Educational Programs and Projects
• European Educational Programs and Projects Management (Erasmus+; EduHack; Penji protects the planet; Bio talent; BINGO; Yummy Physics; Sundial; Open Mind; ‘Moby Click’; ‘Code n’ Social’; ‘CREATIONS project’; ‘Go-Lab Initiative’; ‘Scientifix’;
‘Up2U; Toy project’’ ‘Mutual Open and Online Skills’ (MOOS); European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN);
• Erasmus+ Project Results and Impacts

Alternative Forms of Education
• Unschooling
• Outdoor education
• Online learning
• Montessori
• Waldorf

Public Education System and Private Education System
• Early education (0—6 years)
• Primary education (ISCED 1) (the preparatory grade & grades 1—4).
• Secondary lower education (ISCED 2) or secondary education (grades 5—8)
• The secondary superior education (ISCED 3) (high school education – high school grades 9-12/13)
• The secondary superior education theoretical, vocational, technological, or
a 3-year professional education.
• The non-university tertiary education (ISCED 4) (post secondary education)
• The higher education (ISCED 5-8) (universities, study academies, institutes, higher studies schools)
• Principles of the Bologna process
• Bachelor studies
• Master studies
• PhD studies.
• Adult education

NeuroScience in Education
• Mind Brain and Education or Neuroeducation
• Trends in Neuroscience and Education
• Neuroscience in schools. Effects and impact
• Cognitive neuroscience
• Developmental cognitive neuroscience
• Educational psychology
• Educational technology
• Education theory

Monographs of Educational Institutions

Financial Education/ Literacy
• Saving money (emergency savings, major purchases, retirement)
• Budgeting and spending (methods, best practices, psychology)
• Debt management (refinancing, becoming debt-free, understanding credit products)
• College planning (scholarships, student loans, student budgeting)

Juridical Education
• Best Practices for Teaching and Learning in Legal Education
• Empirical Research in Clinical Legal Education
• The Evolving Role of the Associate Dean of Experiential Education
• Leadership Development in Legal Education
• Practice-Based Learning
• Today’s Justice System and The Supreme Court
• Legal rights Education
• Legal education in Schools
• Family law education

Religious Education
• Eastern religions – East Asian religions; Dharmic religions (Buddhism; Hinduism)
• Middle Eastern religions – Christianity (Eastern Christianity; Western Christianity); Islam; Iranian religions
• Indigenous (ethnic, folk) religions
• Other religions
• New religious movements
• Historical religions

Wellness Education
• Physical Wellness
• Emotional, or Mental Wellness
• Environmental Wellness
• Occupational Wellness
• Social Wellness
• Financial Wellness
• Spiritual wellness
• Wellness Programs
• Wellness education in schools
• Wellness education in Kindergarten to Grade 12

Arts in Education
• Performing arts education (dance, drama, music)
• Literature and poetry
• Storytelling
• Visual arts education in film
• Crafting
• Design
• Digital arts
• Media and photography
• Urban culture
• Landscaping and education
• Architecture

Cyber Security & Education
• Cyber security in Schools
• The Top Cybersecurity Threats Schools Face Today
• Lessons Learned After Suffering a Cyberattack
• Social engineering attacks understanding
• Phishing
• Preparing for Threats
• Frameworks for Cybersecurity
• Privacy and Confidentiality Regulations and Laws
• Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
• Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
• Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)

Ecological Education
• Why apply ecology to schools?
• Ecology of Education – Interdisciplinary Research Trend
• Schools as Ecosystems
• Ecological paradigm
• Ecological approach
• Educational environment
• Sustainable development
• Promotion of human development
• Studies in the educational environment;
• Education for human socialization and culturalisation;
• Education for successful human adaptation, integration and development in the changeable and multi-functional environment
• Social, cultural, different professions etc. environment;
• The development and improvement of home environment;
• Education for the development of human basic competencies
for living on changeable conditions
• Lifelong learning in the varied educational environment for the development of knowledge society;
• Sustainable development of educational environment systems, including schools, higher education institutions, on the changeable conditions
• Education for the sustainable and balanced development of social, economic, and natural environment;
• Environmental values

Education Legal Frameworks
• Updates in Romanian and international education legal frameworks
• Challenges in education legal frameworks

Furthermore, WELCOME22 Congress will take place in conjunction with a series of other scientific international and national conferences, scientific and cultural workshops, international books salons.

LUMEN Conference Center and LUMEN Publishing proudly announces the development of book release events, within WELCOME 22 Congress, in conjunction with the Gaudeamus Book Fair, Radio Romania, Bucharest, November 23rd – 27th, Romexpo.

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