Call for Mini-Sessions |

WELCOME 22 Congress invites scholars to propose their speech on a education dedicated topic by their choice in accordance with the Congress Aims & Topics, as presented in Mini-Sessions.

A WELCOME 22 Mini-Session aims at summing up specific short speeches – such as research partial results, short opinion speech, reviews.

Register to the WELCOME 22 Congress with at least 1 abstract and post abstract evaluation you will be invited to send us the video recording of your short speech. Any professional from the education fields could submit their 5 minutes speech in a video recording format (wma. or mp4.) Make sure the recording will be made in an accurate manner, high quality sound and image.

Even if it different than a classic abstract registration, we still need your English language abstract in order to introduce it in the working papers volume of the Congress. The speeches will be scheduled in Mini- Sessions special room during the Congress, in accordance with the topics shortly approached by the proponents.

For registration, feel free to use the template below:

Join the LUMEN Submission Platform and click on Make Submission.

This video will be made available, for global audience, on the Youtube Channel Editura LUMEN, the official YouTube Chanel of Editura LUMEN.

The LUMEN team will upload it to the LUMEN Publishing House/ Editura LUMEN YouTube channel and create a link to the Conference website and to the Facebook page LUMEN conference center.

A selection of the best short speeches could be further published in the Congress publications. For a better experience each presenter will be notified by the editor in charge.