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Workshop | Presenting LUMEN Journals in the Field of Multidimensional Education (Revista Românească pentru Educație Multidimensională – a Web of Science indexed journal, and Moldavian Journal for Education and Social Psychology)

Workshop | eTwinning – Learning through European Collaborative Projects

Workshop | 3D Printing Technology – a New Mean for Improving the Education Experience

Workshop | Good Practices in Teachers’ Continuous Professional Training

Workshop | Practice of Obtaining Informed Consent in Research on Human Subjects

Workshop | E-learning and M-learning – A Guarantee for a Quality Education. Good Practices Involving Moodle Platform

Workshop | Perspectives on Multidimensional Education in the Field of Technologies. Transhumanism and Posthumanism

Workshop | Philosophical Counselling as a Strategy in Multidimensional Education

Workshop | Unity and National Identity through Traditional Romanian Values. Communication and Inter-human Relations in the Context of the Current Social Life

Workshop | Publication Ethics following COPE Guidelines

Book Release | Volume „Life and your Dreams”, authored by Vasile HAȚEGAN and published by LUMEN Publishing House