Presentation guidelines |

The online platform we will use for virtual presentations is ZOOM.

In order to be able to organize the presentations efficiently, the authors registered with virtual presentations are asked to send the video recording in advance at least 5 days before the conference. Sending the recorded video presentation does not replace the online ZOOM presentation during the Conference.


  • Until November 20th, all registered participants with virtual presentation manners must also send their video recording, in order for their participation to be validated. The video will consist of paper presentation recording of maximum 30 minutes, in WMA or MP4 format. Make sure the recording will be made in an accurate manner, high quality sound and image.  
  • The LUMEN team will upload it to the LUMEN Publishing House/ Editura LUMEN Youtube channel and create a link to the conference website and to the Facebook page LUMEN conference center.

At the time of the conference there will be scheduled sessions of 35-40 minutes, and participants who will be scheduled to present their works (3 – 4 speakers) will have 5 minutes of presentation, followed by a 5-minute interval allocated for answers to questions. In the 5 minutes of presentation they will present very briefly the pre-recorded video, which is already uploaded on Youtube. Those who are unable to make the presentation in real time in virtual sessions through ZOOM are kindly asked to transfer the work to the poster presentations and follow the poster presentation instructions, no later than November 20th.

The organizing team will send participants ZOOM links for participation. All participants will receive an audience invitation for all sections of the conference, not only those in which they are scheduled to present the registered paper. The sessions will be successive, and we will not schedule parallel sessions.
As such, once established, the program will not be reprogrammed.

People who listen to the recording on Youtube and watch the poster on Facebook can ask questions posted as comments regarding the presentation. The author/ authors of the paper receiving comments, are invited to answer them when the Open Space virtual or poster presentations session are scheduled. (Open space presentations refers to the time when comments / questions can be addressed to the works posted on the Youtube channel or on the Facebook page, outside of the sessions programmed through ZOOM.)

A person who, although virtually programmed, cannot attend the ZOOM session in which he is programmed, if she/he receives questions on the Facebook page is invited to answer them in the open space intervals, so that his/her answer is accessible to the general public.

Please Pay Attention! Due to the transfer to online conference organization, materials available on Facebook and Youtube, including session recordings, will be available to a global audience and will remain online after the end of the conference.

To view the model of previous virtual presentations, we invite you to see the posters from previous conferences, available at LUMEN Conference center and video recordings on the youtube channel Editura LUMEN.

Important to know! GDPR action!

These Zoom sessions are recorded – by continuing you are giving your consent to be recorded.
No sensitive information about the participants – other than those existing in the Program or in the official documents of the Conference – will be made public without the express consent of the data subjects.
The records are kept in the archive of Lumen Publishing House for the use of Lumen Publishing House. We inform you that these sessions are broadcast live on Facebook, and if you do not want to be seen you can join without video image (valid for participants who do not have a presentation) and you can change the user name you enter with / a pseudonym to anonymize your presence.

Please Pay Attention! The recorded materials resulted from ZOOM session will be distributed online on Facebook and YouTube channel Editura Lumen, being available to a global audience and will remain online AFTER the end of the conference.
The Plenary Sessions and the Regular Virtual sessions will be broadcast live on Facebook, for a general audience, and will later be posted on YouTube. Workshops and book releases will not be broadcast live on Facebook nor posted on YouTube.


Please see below the available options:
 #1. if you will design your poster – you should use the Corel Draw template and create your poster starting from the resume of your paper. After creating it, you should send it to us (in PDF or JPG format), via, so to be confirmed by us from the point of view of the graphical, ethical and editorial compliance. After our team approves it, the poster will be posted on the Facebook page of the LUMEN Conference Center, on the online poster session. 

Poster to be sent to us no later than November 20th, 2020

#2. if you choose for us to create your poster – (for a 20 euro poster design fee)- based on your paper resume, sent by email, we will proceed to create your poster, using the same Corel Draw poster template. After creating it, the poster will be sent to you for confirmation. After your approval, the poster will be uploaded on the Facebook page of the LUMEN Conference Center, on the online poster session.

Please let us know what option you chose, no later than  November 20th, 2020  , so to plan the poster session and to receive the text for the poster (in case of option #2).

All the posters will be included on the electronic conference materials also, and made available online on the Conference website, for a large audience.

Poster templates |

Template-poster EDU2020 X8 CDR
Template-poster EDU2020 X5 CDR

Template-poster EDU2020 X3 CDR