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Grateful for being part of the success of the Joint LUMEN International Scientific Conferences 2019

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Faculty of Political Sciences, Letters and Communication | Valahia University of Targoviste | ROMANIA
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bring special thanks & beautiful feedback from the Joint LUMEN Scientific International Conferences that took place between November 20- 23, 2019 in Targoviste, Romania

Between November 20th -23rd, hosted by the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Science and Technology, Valahia University Targoviste  and  by the Faculty of Political Sciences, Letters and Communication, Valahia University in Târgoviste, participants representing research and academic institutions from Romania, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic,  Kazan (Russia),  Moldova, Canada, Greece, Italy and Ukraine, presented scientific papers within plenary sessions, workshops, oral, poster or virtual sessions.

Brought together by the specific of the LUMEN conferences, the registered participants disseminated their scientific approaches related to Educational policies, Initial and Continuing Teacher Training, Psychology of education, Counseling theories and practices in education, Pedagogy, Specialized didactics, E-Learning and Software in Education, but also to topics in the fields of Sociology, Communication, Social Work, Anthropology, Applied Philosophy, Ethics, Applied Ethics, Bioethics, History, Religious Studies, Language, Arts & Architecture, Politics, European Studies, International Relations, Public & Private Law, Management, Marketing, Economy.

We gladly bring special thanks and appreciation to all contributors to the associated events of each conference: 
Associated events within 
3rd LUMEN EDU International Scientific Conference | Education, Quality & Sustainable Development | November 20th – 21st, 2019 Targoviste, Romania

– Workshop | From Ethics in Teaching to Teaching Ethics
– Workshop | Book Collection release
– Workshop | “IoT in Education”
– Workshop |  Author Profile & Book release:  “Genialii […]
– Workshop | Providing a Qualitative Education in the Pre-university Education System
– Music Concert
– Workshop | Teacher’s Reflective Practice – A Challenge?
– Workshop | Students’ Counseling and Career Guidance. Problems and solutions
– Workshop  | Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development – between Desire and Reality
– Workshop |  Education for Health and Well-being […]
– Workshop | “Life, Science, Faith… Do You Think You Know How to Live?!” Nutritional Principles for the Physical and Mental Health of the Contemporary People”

Associated events within
13th LUMEN International Scientific Conference Communicative Action & Transdisciplinarity in the Ethical Society | 13th LUMEN CATES 2019 | 
November 22nd – 23rd, 2019 Targoviste, Romania 

3rd International Conference on Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA 2019)
Workshop | Celebrating “World Philosophy Day”
Workshop | Ethics in Scientific Publication
Workshop | Presenting LUMEN Journals in the Field of Postmodern Studies
Workshop | Practice of Obtaining Informed Consent in Research on Human Subjects


Selections of full papers will be published in peer-reviewed international open access journals, covered in international databases

ISSN journals indexed in ESCI – Web of Sciences – 150 euro/paper

ISSN Journals indexed in International Databases – 60 euro/paper


ISSN Journals indexed in International Databases – 30 euro/paper


ISSN Journals indexed in International Databases, with free open-access fee*