Workshop: Unity and national identity through traditional Romanian values. Communication and inter-human relations in the context of the current social life

Workshop: Unity and National Identity through Traditional Romanian Values. Communication and Inter-human Relations in the Context of the Current Social Life

Organizing institution |  Valahia University Târgovişte, Romania – Teacher Training Department and Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Science

Co-organizer | LUMEN Association, Center for Research in Socio-Human Sciences, Romania

Guest workshop facilitator | Dr. Cristian Andrei, Neuropsychiatric physician, Founding President of the Institute of Human Relations in Bucharest;

Chairs |

Prof. PhD. Gabriel Gorghiu, Valahia University Târgovişte, Romania, Teacher Training Department;

Prof. PhD. Florea Ştefan, Valahia University Târgovişte, Romania, Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Science;

Lecturer PhD. Elena-Ancuţa Santi, Valahia University Târgovişte, Romania, Teacher Training Department;

Assist. PhD. Cosmin Santi, Valahia University Târgovişte, Romania, Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Science.

General presentation | 

The present society is characterized by a suite of profound and rapid changes, which are felt in all areas of our lives, including at the level of individual and / or collective mentalities.

The transformations on social, economic, political, technological and educational levels generate effects that can destabilize and change the normal course of life. The spiritual wealth of the people, authentic and traditional values define us as people; their unaltered transmission is a complex, continuous process that requires the conscious and responsible assumption, at individual level, of that special and noble mission: to preserve and perpetuate the Romanian national-spiritual-value thesaurus.

The current generations of young people caught in this current of changes became atypical, different and unpredictable. For most of them, the meaning of life has a terrestrial, concrete, material significance, that not only does not bring them satisfaction, but closes them in this limited horizon, transforming them into individuals without personality and without directions for guiding them. Communication and inter-human relations are the means by which any educational, personal and national identity can be achieved.

In psychology, the identity represents a complex construct which is built on the relationship with others and defines the uniqueness of a person. In theology, the identity is the image of God in the human being. The identity of a nation is given by the way in which values, such love, peace, understanding, empathy, help, friendship, kindness, faith, harmony with oneself and others – applied in human relationships, are understood.

Who are we?“, “Where do we come from?“, “Where are we going?“, There are just few questions that should concern us in the process of searching of a meaning and a clear direction for structuring our national identity.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • Presentation of some fundamental aspects regarding the process of building individual and national identity;
  • Identifying effective ways of communicating and interacting with people;
  • Establishing common points derived from religious, cultural and spiritual values that can contribute to build a healthy vision of youth regarding the life, communion and harmony;
  • Establishing educational premises based on the recognition and development of the Romanian authentic values.

Themes | identity and national unity, values, youth, communication, relationship.

Period | 22.11.2018, 15.00 (2 hours)

Participants | students, high school students, university and secondary teachers, researchers, public interested in the proposed topic.

Contact person | Assist. PhD. Cosmin Santi (email: santicosmin@