Workshop | Publication Ethics following COPE Guidelines

Workshop | Publication Ethics following COPE Guidelines

Organizers | LUMEN Research LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Romania

Co-organizers | Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania – Teacher Training Department

Chairs |

PhD. Ana FRUNZA – Researcher, LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Romania;

Prof. PhD. Antonio SANDU – Center for Applied Ethics within “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania;

Overview |
In this workshop, we will discuss a number of specific aspects of research publishing, and how this aspects are solved or debated by the international forums in publication ethics – such as COPE – Committee of Publication Ethics.
Starting from specific case studies related to the issue of originality of scientific contributions, we will address the following topics: Who is the author and how the authorship, (co)authorship or multiple authorship is defined; what are the ethical requirements of writing a scientific paper; what does peer-review imply and what are the good practices in the evaluation process (who could be a peer reviewer, what are his/her tasks/duties); what duplicate content means, and what are the implications of such content; what are the “commonly accepted” ethical policies and standards that help increase the quality of the scientific works
These are the topics, but not limited to, that we will address during the workshop, in order to develop the knowledge on this controversial area, especially in the context of nowadays’ academic challenges in bringing new contribution to the science.
The workshop is dedicated both to junior researchers (early career researchers) and to seniors who want to update their knowledge related to the ethical policies and standards in research publishing.

Topics | research ethics; research publishing; COPE principle; authorship; original contribution;

Date & time | Thursday, November 22nd 2018, 15:00 – 17:00

Room |